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About OLC

Three men decided in 1938 that there needed to be a regional logging forum in Oregon to exchange ideas and that is how the Oregon Logging Conference was established.

Those three men were Archie (A.N.) Whisnant, who was secretary of the Pacific Logging Congress, Col. William Greeley who was secretary of the West Coast Lumbermen’s Association, and Herb (H.J.) Cox, who was secretary of the Willamette Valley Lumbermen’s Association.

What became the Oregon Logging Conference in 1959 was first established as the Willamette Valley Logging Conference. The first gathering was held August 25 & 26, 1939 at the Osburn Hotel in Eugene, Oregon. What was described as a “modest” machinery show of tractors and trucks was also held this year, scattered on city streets and parking lots adjacent to the hotel.

Today, the Oregon Logging Conference is the largest equipment show west of the Mississippi.

In the 1940s, the conference was held in May, with the exception of 1945 when the conference took place in November. In the 1950s, some years it was in March and some years in May. Since 1957 until today, the conference has taken place in February. No matter what the month, over the years, all gatherings were held in Eugene.

Today, the Oregon Logging Conference is one of 6 regional conferences that meet annually. The others are: Olympic Logging Conference, Intermountain Logging Conference, Sierra Cascade Logging Conference, Redwood Region Logging Conference and BC Truck Loggers?

Since the beginning, the Oregon Logging Conference has stayed true to its founding principle of assisting logging and forestry professionals in their pursuit of excellence and advancing natural resource-based industries.

The Oregon Logging Conference Foundation, OLC’s educational arm, is focused on education and outreach to attract the next generation workforce in the logging and forestry industry. (For more information on OLCF,  click here

The Oregon Logging Conference has been in existence since 1938. The Oregon Logging Conference is one of many regional logging conferences and associations that meet annually within the United States and British Columbia.