On February 23, 2013, from 9 am to 1 pm, high school students will be battling it out at the Oregon Logging Conference. The High School Skills Competition, sponsored by Nygaard Loggingprovides an opportunity for the next generation of loggers to go show their stuff. 

High school competitionOver 100 high school students from across the state will be competing in a variety of forestry events, including:
• cable splicing
• crosscut
• single buck
• compass & pacing
• tool identification
• log scaling
• forestry speech
• job interview skills

NygaardOnce again, there will be an arboriculture climbing event. In this exciting competition, both male and female competitors race up a tree to a designated finish line. To ensure the safety of climbers and the health of the trees, current arborist techniques are used.

Come cheer them on at the Lane County Fairgrounds, at the outside area, just north of the Expo Hall. You won’t be disappointed.