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2020 Keynote Speaker Dr. Patrick Moore

The title of keynote speaker Dr. Patrick Moore’s address to the Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) is Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom. The speech is based on an essay written by Dr. Moore. His essay, revised in January of this year, mentions 12 of what he calls fake invisible catastrophes and threats of doom. During his keynote speech at the OLC he will address some of those.

“Trees are involved, but the central theme is about how we are being duped into so many supposed “crises” that cannot be verified by the average person because they are invisible, like CO2, or so remote, like polar bears, that activists with no scruples can make up just about any story and make headlines around the world,” Dr. Moore said.

The 12 “crises” that he lists are: coral reefs around the world are dying, climate catastrophe is inevitable due to an increase in atmospheric CO2, if we don’t end the use of fossil fuels, pesticide residues in our food causes cancer, birth defects, autism, and brain damage, Africa’s oldest baobab trees are dying at an unprecedented rate and climate change may be to blame, GMOs will harm us and damage the environment, farmed salmon are full of poisons and they are destroying the wild salmon, nuclear energy is too dangerous and radiation will kill you, there is a sea of plastic twice the size of Texas in the North Pacific Gyre north of Hawaii, there are a possible 3,000,000 undersea volcanoes doing something unobserved, ocean acidification will kill all the coral reefs and shellfish in the world, and climate change is killing the cedars of Lebanon.

Dr. Moore’s conclusion wonders if it is just a coincidence that 12 of the most publicized alleged environmental catastrophes and threats of doom happen to be invisible or very remote or both? Then he asks if it is just easier to create a fake narrative when the public can’t check it out for themselves?

During his keynote speed Dr. Moore will also talk about forestry and how it is now practiced in North America, Europe, Japan and many other countries, is the most sustainable of all industries that provide energy and materials for our civilization.

2020 OLC President Greg Stratton selected Dr. Moore as keynote speaker, and said, “I have always wanted to understand ‘the other side’ and Patrick has been on the other side. He is knowledgeable in the facts and real science of our environment,” Stratton continued, “unlike much of the current ‘best available’ information which is more often than not, politically or agenda driven.”

Dr. Moore is a founding member, former president, and international director for Greenpeace.