Log Mate 500

The Oregon Logging Conference is always the place to find new forestry equipment. This year, many companies debuted new equipment, including Log Max.

Attendees got to be some of the first to see the Log Mate 500 — a highly advanced control system specifically for Log Max heads, which helps operators get the most out of all Log Max products and accessories.

Running features, such as Active Friction Control and Four Point Measuring natively on Log Mate or having the ability to test and control all I/O, are just some of its many features. One module is mounted on the head, two in the cabin to transfer and receive data and power to the harvesting head. All communications are made over a two-channel CANbus system.

If you want to see some of the newest and best machinery on the market, mark your calendars for the next Oregon Logging Conference, February 20-22, 2014.