Forest fire In conjunction with its outreach to the logging industry at the Oregon Logging Conference, held February 19-21, 2015, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) will have staff and materials available on-site to provide two types of training that are fundamental to contractors who would provide services with heavy equipment or timber falling during the course of the 2015 fire season. The training involves some video instruction and a bit of hands-on activity with fire shelters.

Basic Fire Suppression Techniques and the New Generation Fire Shelter trainings will be offered at the Department of Forestry site on the grounds of the Conference.

All persons who are provide services (such as dozers, tenders fallers) on a contractual basis to the ODF on the fire line are required to take the training that will be offered.

The Department will provide the training only. Operators interested in participating in fire suppression efforts should check with local ODF offices with respect to their availability and capability to serve in suppression efforts. The training is also commonly provided throughout the state by local Department offices.

Look for signage at the ODF tent regarding times the training will be offered.  Attendees will receive certification of training and OPL credits for attendance.