The Oregon Logging Conference is one of the places that companies come to debut their new forestry equipment. The 2013 show didn’t disappoint. This year there were equipment innovations at every level.

SatcoOne of example is the Satco 223. The 6,600-pound Satco 223 processor has a maximum feed speed of 15.7 f/s and a maximum cutting diameter of 30”. It has five delimbing knives (3 upper and 2 lower) all moving, and the processor rotates 340 degrees. Maximum delimbing capacity is 26”.  Just a few of its key features include: twin tilt cylinders, cast cutting edges for fast and easy field replacement, removable covers for easy servicing, and large 20” diameter feed rollers.

 SouthstarAlso featured for the first time was Southstar’s  Quadstar 500 and the Tristar 585. The 500 has a unique wide frame, four-roller feed system that can handle tough environments from single stemming large trees to multi-stemming the smaller. The 22” multi-stemming head is fast and accurate using a Dasa 5 computer system and also features the Dasa “stop on the mark” technology with GPS and optimization optional.

The 585 three-roller harvester/processor was designed by Dave Cochrane, founder of Waratah. With a robust tilt frame with dual cylinders to spread out the forces, it’s designed with speed and torque in mind.

This is just a sampling of the equipment introduced at the OLC. For more information about next year’s show, just click here.