New Technology at OLC

New Technology at OLC

New Technology in Logging will be one of the upcoming panels at the Oregon Logging Conference, February 21-23, 2013.

Attendees will get a chance to hear experts talk about what’s taking place in the industry and what’s in store. This year’s panel includes:

• Bendix Air Disc Brake System, presented by Edward Bruser, Acct. Manager for Bendix
Road Safe Brake Systems, presented by Bill Hermann of Hermann Bros., Logging & Construction
• New Developments in Logging Equipment Fire Protection Systems, by Lindsay Tanner, Manager of Kidde Fire Systems
• Komatsu GPS Mapping System, presented by Rod Hunter, Komatsu
• GPS – Mapping the Future, by Frank Chandler Jr., Chandler Logging Co.

The panel will not only give individuals a look at what’s available, but loggers can also receive two professional logging credits for attending.

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