Stitched_001This year, the Washington Forest Practices Seminar at the Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) will pertain to all Washington loggers. It’s entitled How Forest Practices in Washington Affect Me. How Did We Get Here?  Where Are We Going?  

The seminar will be worth two professional logger certification credits and will be moderated by Hancock Forest Management‘s David Boyd.

Attendees will hear from:
• Doug Hooks from the Washington Forest Protection Association
• Carman Smith of  RL Smith Logging and the Washington Forest Practices Board, and
• Seth Barnes, Forest Practices Coordinator, Washington Department of Natural Resources

All the speakers have intimate knowledge regarding Washington forest practices and will leave attendees with timely and valuable information to take back to their operations.

If you haven’t registered yet for the OLC, don’t wait. Just CLICK HERE.

We’ll see you at the show.