On Friday, Feb. 24, at 1:30 pm, the Oregon Logging Conference will offer its Washington Forest Practices Seminar.

One of the classes — Dilemma for Small Forest Landowners in Washington State —  will be presented by Vic Musselman, the policy chair for the Washington Farm Forestry Association.

Vic has  keen insight into the topic as WFFA represents 10,000 people managing over 150,000 acres.  The membership manages not only forests of timber, but other forest products, recreation, wildlife, fish and more.

The Association’s mission is to empower citizen ownership and stewardship of private forest land, and it strives to reduce the regulations they feel are keeping the next generation from choosing forestry as a viable way of life.

Other panels and seminars
This is just one of many panels and seminars being offered at this year’s Oregon Logging Conference. And, attendees this year can earn up to 11 professional logger credits and 8 SAF-CRE credits.

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