Log Loader Competition 2013

Log Loader Competition 2013

The fourth annual Oregon Logging Conference (OLC)  Log Loader Competition, sponsored by Triad Machinery and Link-Belt, was held Feb. 22-23.

To win the competition, operators had to demonstration outstanding speed, skill, and efficiency in handling a hydraulic log loader.

The Event
The competition began with nine wood blocks scattered randomly on the ground. Operating a new Link-belt log loader, contestants stacked the blocks end to end, matching numbers or colors within 7 minutes.

The Winners
The “best of the west” winners this year were:

First Place: Layne Walker, Surco Logging Inc., Springfield, Ore.
Time: 3:55 minutes

Second Place: Ross Cribbs, Van Wells Timber Co., Dallas, Ore.
Time: 4:15 minutes

Third Place: Chad Bell, Wayne Stone Logging, Sandy, Ore.
Time: 4:47 minutes