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Dr Anthony S. Davis and Erin Isselmann Guest Speakers

The 2019 Oregon Logging Conference them Building Products for Building Futures will be addressed by this year’s two guest speakers: Anthony S. Davis and Erin Isselmann.

Dr, Davis is the Interim Dean of the College of Forestry at Oregon State University, and Isselmann is the Executive Director of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute.

Dr. Davis and Isselmann will speak Thursday morning, February 21st starting around 9:30 a.m. at the Wheeler Pavilion on the Lane County Fairgrounds

Dr. Davis will talk about the interest in what he calls forest to frame, similar to the farm to fork movement in agriculture.

He will also address climate change which he says is real and here now. “Its effects are pervasive and effect everything and everyone, everywhere,” Dr. Davis said. “It is our innovations,” he added that can bring some new thought and practice to addressing these challenges.”

When not serving as Interim Dean, Dr. Davis is the Executive Associate Dean at Oregon State University, overseeing academic programs delivered through the Wood Science and Engineering, Forest Ecosystems and Society, and Forest Resources, Engineering, and Management departments.

Dr. Davis has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry form the University of New Brunswick, and a Master od Science and Doctor of Philosophy from Purdue University.

With Isselmann’s background in marketing and communications, and more than two decades of experience in corporate communications, public relations, and digital marketing, she will focus her presentation on the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) educational program. This will fit with the Building Futures portion of the OLC theme.

“To help support forestry education in the field and in the classroom. OFRI’s K – 12 education programs provide curriculum materials, teacher professional development, and field trip opportunities,” Isselmann said.

She will also mention a new educational program developed by OFRI last year. Through the Oregon Proud program, materials are available to employers for sharing with employees, to reinforce key reasons to be proud working in the Oregon forest sector.

Isselmann has a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science from the University of Southern California, and a Master of Philosophy in Political Science from The George Washington University.