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Future Forestry Workers Career Day

When: Friday, Feb 24, 2023. 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m

Where: Livestock Arena, Lane County Fairgrounds

Nearly 900 students from 30 schools throughout Oregon are expected to participate in this interactive and hands-on high school career day, focused on engaging the next generation workforce and educating students about job opportunities in logging, forestry, and other natural resource industries.

It is sponsored by the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation.


Students will talk with professionals in the fields of forestry, reforestation, milling and forest products, logging, trucking, diesel mechanics, welding, equipment operations, and wildland firefighting.


This all-in-one-location career fair provides the students with information about current job opportunities in the logging, forestry, and firefighting fields, and the skills necessary to fill those positions.

Future Forestry Workers Career Day chair Rick Kriege said, “Every year since our first event in 2018 we have seen more interest from young men and women who are looking at pursuing a career in our industry. With a wide variety of career choices available in our industry,” he added, “this event puts that important information in the hands of the students.”

Many companies will also have exhibits and information available for the students, and again, this year harvest simulators will be available to use, hosted by the Oregon State University College of Forestry

A high school logging and forestry skills competition will also be part of this event, where students may observe activities including cable splicing, choker setting, crosscut and single buck sawing, compass and pacing, tool identification, and log scaling.

“This event was incorporated into the Future Forestry Workers Career Day so that all students could watch peers practicing their hands-on skills,” said Chris Melcher, High School Forestry Skills Competition chair. “It highlights some of the specific skills that may be important to have for pursuing natural resource careers,” he added.

The High School Forestry Skills Competition is sponsored by Nygaard Logging and Warrenton Fiber Company.