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2022 Resolution Opposing the 2021 Private Forest Accord, as proposed by Oregon Governor Kate Brown

A resolution by the Oregon Logging Conference Opposing the 2021 Private Forest Accord

WHEREAS, during the 2021 legislative session, some of Oregon’s timber industry representatives agreed to meet with the Governor to create a Private Forest Accord to change Oregon Forest Practice Rules and develop a Habitat Conversation Plan if related extreme ballot initiatives were taken off the table; and

WHEREAS, the Private Forest Accord (PFA) was developed to create bipartisan legislation in lieu of industry damaging ballot measures; and

WHEREAS, the current Oregon Forest Practice rules are already progressive and some of the strongest laws on timberlands in the world; and

WHEREAS, the Governor, environmental groups and some timber industry representatives met behind closed doors as part of the Private Forest Accord to make changes to the Oregon Forest Practices Act; and

WHEREAS, the resulting PFA is not a balanced plan that benefits all parties and the timber industry perspective is not well represented; and

WHEREAS, private timberland owners in Oregon would be devastated by the PFA proposed changes; and

WHEREAS, the current PFA would increase no harvest buffers, increase small non fish stream buffers, and includes buffers for seeps and springs, wetlands and other critical location associated with streams for amphibians and frogs which were not before buffered; and

WHEREAS, the current PFA would increase requirements for forest roads including a requirement to conduct Forest Road Inventory Assessments identifying problem areas and sediment and fish passages, and submit assessments to the ODFW, and would also provide new rules for increasing culvert sizes; and

WHEREAS, the current PFA includes an unstable slopes management plan that utilizes modeling based on the likelihood of delivering sediment and wood during naturally occurring landslides and prioritizes those areas for buffering, leaving additional unharvested areas for protection; and

WHEREAS, the agreed-upon changes will need to be codified in law during the next legislative session followed by a rule making process through the Board of Forestry

THEREFORE, be it resolved that members of the Oregon Logging Conference weigh in today and throughout the legislative and rule making process to oppose elements of this extreme plan that would be detrimental to the Oregon timber industry

This resolution will be presented by Milt Moran, President of Cascade Timber Consulting, Inc. managing the Hill Timber Limited Partnership lands. Moran established the company in 1973 and has worked there for 48 years.

Milt is the current chair of the Oregon Forest Protective Association and committee chair for the Oregon Forest Industries Council. He is a past president of the Oregon Logging Conference,  Linn Forest Protective Association board, the Northwest Log Rules Group, and the Columbia River Log Scaling and Grading Bureau board.

Milt is currently the treasurer of the Oregon Logging Conference, chair of the Linn County Parks Commission and board chair of the Samaritan Health System. He also served eight years on the Sweet Home School District board.