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2022 Resolution Supporting the Active Engagement of members of the Oregon Logging Conference in the political process

A resolution by the Oregon Logging Conference supporting and encouraging the active engagement of members of the Oregon Logging Conference in the 2022 elections, legislative sessions and taking leadership roles in discussions of key issues related to the environment and our industry

WHEREAS, these are extraordinary times having an unusual abundance of policy challenges and public policymaker opposition to forest management, business, employers, taxpayers, property owners, and professional operations.

WHEREAS OLC is proud that the Oregon forest is a great place to work and make a livelihood. We support cooperative efforts among partnerships, coalitions, educators, K-12, agencies, state agencies, and the private sector that would expand career pathways, occupations, and employment in rewarding forest careers.

WHEREAS profession forest and natural resource managers and their experienced businesses are superior stewards of Oregon forestlands.  Whether during policymaking, public involvement, education, or occupational development — professional forest managers are leaders in informed decisions and actions.

WHEREAS, there is a federal forest health crisis, where forest management by natural resource professionals is urgently needed to quickly reduce the impacts of wildfires, pest, disease, storms, and overcrowding.  Urgent triage is necessary to codify new tools for expedited mitigations conducted by the private forest sector, under the coordination by the US Congress, federal forest agencies, and federal regulatory agencies.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that during the 2022 Oregon General Election, OLC members support the election of responsible public officials who are advocates of sustainable forestry by professional forest managers at all levels of elected office.  We also support elected officials demonstrating trust in the expertise and decisions of forest businesspeople, contract operators, employers, forest property owners, working families, and vibrant self-sufficient “forest producing communities.”

Be it further resolved that the OLC members engage in the lawmaking process at the state and federal level to ensure that there is prudent lawmaking surrounding the effective forest management by professional forest and natural resource managers and their experienced businesses. We must urge the Legislature’s work to be inclusive of the rural “forest producing communities” in its lawmaking concerning rural employers, forest business, forest property owners, small forest contractors, and working forest families.

This resolution will be presented by Oregon Representative Shelly Boshart Davis. She represents District 15 – Albany, Millersburg, and Tangent

Shelly Boshart Davis is rooted in Linn County and Oregon’s agriculture community. She grew up on a family farm in the Tangent and Shedd area. She attended Oregon State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

She has spent the last twelve years alongside her parents and siblings, helping grow the family farm and trucking business. Today, the farm has a global reach, shipping Oregon agricultural products to farmers as far as Japan and South Korea.

Shelly advocates for her community and industry as an active volunteer. She serves on the Government Affairs Committee for the Albany Chamber of Commerce, and previously sat on the local United Way board. In 2016, she was appointed to the Linn County Budget Committee.

She is involved with the Linn County Farm Bureau, Oregon Women for Agriculture, Oregon Trucking Association, and Oregon Seed Council. Nationally, she has served as president for the U.S. Forage Export Council, and she sits on the advisory committee for the Agriculture Transportation Coalition.

Shelly is passionate about agricultural education, sitting on the board for the nonprofit association, Oregon Aglink, and volunteering with three local schools through the Adopt-A-Farmer program.