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2023 Resolution No. 2 – Regarding Taking New Oregon Legislators to Logging Operations

This resolution will be presented anad voted on during the opening breakfast at the OLC Thursday morning, February 23, 2023

A resolution by the Oregon Logging Conference Regarding Taking New Oregon Legislators to Logging Operations.

WHEREAS, there are 27 new State Representatives and State Senators in the Oregon Legislature; and

WHEREAS, Oregon is increasingly divided politically between urban and rural communities as evidenced by the recent elections; and

WHEREAS, much of the anti-logging and forest management movement is based on lack of information and misinformation; and

WHEREAS, there has been great success in opening people’s minds about logging and forest management by taking them to the woods and showing them the abundance of trees, explaining rules and restrictions, demonstrating professional logging and reforestation processes.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Oregon Logging Conference will work to get every new State Representative and State Senator to the woods in 2023 to see the life cycle of managed trees including an active logging operation and stages of reforestation.

This resolution will be presented by Oregon Representative Boomer Wright, who represents District 9 of the Oregon Coast from the north end of Yachats to the south end of Coos Bay. Representative Boomer (Duane) Wright has served in the Oregon Legislature since November 2020

He currently lives in Reedsport, Oregon with his wife of 27 years Susan, one dog and one cat.

Wright graduated from Crow High School and in 1972 received his bachelor’s degree in Education from Oregon College of Education. In 1982 Wright completed his master’s degree in Education and Certification as an Administrator at the University of Oregon. During his educational career, Wright has been a teacher, Vice-Principal, Principal, and Superintendent. He retired from education in 2002 and then worked at Selco Credit Union as a liaison for the Florence community for three years.

Wright also served as the General Manager of the Sea Lion Caves for five years. Since his retirement from that position, he has done some substitute teaching at various local high schools, saying that he enjoys being with students and learning as much from them as they learn from him.