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A Resolution in Support of Reducing the Number of No-Bid Timber Sales

The Public Resource Agencies have tremendous pressure on them to accommodate all interests in preparing timber sales, and with the passing of the Healthy Forest Initiative (HFI) and the Health Forest Restoration Act (HFRA) the Public Resource Agencies will have additional tools, monies and support to restore forest health and reduce the catastrophic wildfire levels. This moment in time has to be seized by the Public Resource Agencies in offering viable fuel thinning projects and timber sales to achieve the goals of the HFI and HFRA.

WHEREAS, recent timber sale activities have produced a significant number of timber sales that received no bids, and

WHEREAS, the monies that are used to prepare no-bid sales are not recovered by sale revenue, and

WHEREAS, the size of the problem that exists on Public Resource Agencies land in regards to forest health issues and wildfire concerns is so large that no monies should repeatedly be invested in projects that have no chance of selling, and

WHEREAS, the No Bid situation within the Public Resource Agencies is a growing problem.

NOW, THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED, that the Oregon Logging Conference and its members call on the line officers of the Public Resource Agencies, along with the Supervisors, and Regional Foresters to work to explore ways to reduce the number of no-bid timber sales.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the number of no-bid timber sales on a Forest or District be considered a significant factor in the evaluation of agency personnel performance.