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A Resolution to amend the Oregon Department of Forestry 2001 Northwest Oregon Forest Management Plan timber harvest

WHERAS, the State of Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) manages 615,680 acres of timberland in NW Oregon which will yield 279 MMBF annually of timber sale volume under goals outlined in the 2001 Northwest Oregon State Forests Management Plan (FMP), and

WHERAS, the annual timber sale volume has dropped to 184 MMBF as a result of harvest methods which favor thinning to produce layered and older forest structures , and

WHERAS, revenue to NW Oregon counties have been reduced as a result of lower annual timber sale volumes, and

WHERAS, employment in the forest products industry could be increased if even aged management was utilized more frequently.

NOW, BE IT RESOLVED, the Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) go on record to encourage the Oregon Department of Forestry to revise their harvest methods andsilvicultural practices to allow maximum sustainable timber harvest.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the OLC urges the ODF to sell a minimum of 279 MMBF per year of timber sales from lands managed in NW Oregon under the FMP of 2001 to help the State economically and supply additional jobs in Oregon.