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Communities For A Healthy Forest

The Communities for Healthy Forests has organized as a coalition of community members whose mission is to realize the prompt restoration and recovery of the conifer forest in the aftermath of fire and other catastrophic events;

WHEREAS, catastrophic forest fires result in severe adverse environmental impacts including damage to the soil; an increased susceptibility to erosion resulting in siltation of streams; a loss in recreational opportunities; a loss of essential habitat for wildlife; and a loss in economic value of the forests which can last for decades; and

WHEREAS, delays in reforesting the burned sites increases reforestation costs; reduces the survival rates of any replanting efforts; and adversely affects the ability of the public to utilize the sites; and

WHEREAS, the failure to promptly recover the excess burned, dead trees creates public safety hazards; results in heavy fuel loadings; increases the risk of future catastrophic fires; and reduces the opportunity to fully restore the landscape; and

WHEREAS, the failure to promptly reforest the sites will deprive future generations of the opportunity to utilize the Federal Forests; and

WHEREAS, the governmental decision making process is not equipped to react in a timely manner to the restoration burdens resulting from catastrophic fires; and

IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that all state, federal and local agencies shall promptly conduct an environmental analysis once a fire is declared contained and move expeditiously to reforest and restore the catastrophically burned landscapes; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Oregon Logging Conference supports the mission and efforts of “Communities for Healthy Forests” as they work for solutions that mandate immediate restorative action.