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Resolution # 1 Encouraging Civil Discourse in the Forest Products Industry

A Resolution Encouraging Civil Discourse Between Professional Sectors of the Forest Products Industry. By The Oregon Logging Conference. February 25, 2016

WHEREAS, Oregon’s forest products industry is comprised of many professional employees. They include contract loggers, contract supervisors, timber procurement professionals, land managers, mill managers and senior executives all of whom perform essential functions in delivering finished goods to the marketplace, and

WHEREAS, each category of employees is comprised of professional and trained people who deserve respect and cordial interaction within their particular sector and with those from other sectors that make up an efficient supply chain to deliver wood fiber to the market, and

WHEREAS, the safety of workers is a core objective of all employers and employees in the forest products industry and suggestions that any particular sector of the industry is not concerned about the safety of forest workers has no place in the discourse between the various sectors, and

WHEREAS, history has demonstrated that management by fear, intimidation, humiliation and retaliation has never motivated workers on the receiving end of such tactics to perform at a level higher than expected from managers utilizing such draconian motivational methods, and

WHEREAS, profanity, verbal abuse, demeaning remarks, threats, and other unprofessional methods intended to motivate workers to perform in a desired way have no place in modern business interactions, and

WHEREAS, such methods do nothing more than destroy the morale of workers and company owners and does nothing to encourage or motivate them to perform at a higher level.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Oregon Logging Conference go on record in support of civility and respect in the workplace between the various employment sectors that comprise Oregon’s forest products industry and, most pointedly, between contract loggers and those landowner representatives who supervise their work.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Oregon Logging Conference reject and not tolerate the use of fear, intimidation, humiliation and retaliation as methods of motivating logging contractors to comply with the policies and management objectives of forest landowners.