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Resolution – Become More Active in Interacting with Your Elected Representatives

A Resolution Encouraging Natural Resource

Owners, Managers, Employees and Operators

To Become More Active in Interacting with Their

Elected Representatives

For Consideration by the Oregon Logging Conference

WHEREAS, The growing population of Oregon has little to no knowledge of the contributions by or heritage of Oregon’s natural resource past, present or future. These social, economic and environmental values represent significant contribution potential to Oregon’s viability and livability, and

WHEREAS, Elected representatives of these growing populations are tasked with representing their constituents who have become more dependant and demanding on government programs that provide only the social services and entitlement appropriations, and

WHEREAS, Only fifty percent of the elected representatives of the Oregon legislature currently represent rural districts that contain a portion of forestlands that are actively managed. Obviously these districts have lower number of registered voters as compared to urban districts increasing the separation from natural resources to social services, and

WHEREAS, Oregon legislature continues to reduce their general fund biennial appropriations to Oregon’s Natural Resource Agencies currently less than 3 percent to be divided amongst fourteen agencies yet these same industries contribute much more in return to the economic output (less than sustainable contributions in expectation for sustainable practices), and

WHEREAS, These continued reductions result in increased costs to service recipients or reduced services that jeopardize the viability and sustainability of the industry, protection of natural resources for generations and jeopardize the environmental values important to all Oregonians, including clean air & water, fish & wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and scenic vistas.

NOW, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) go on record to encourage the membership to mobilize locally and collectively in developing and maintaining relationships with elected officials (both state and federal) for the purpose of increasing their understanding of our business, diversity of our contributions to social, economic and environmental Oregon values through sustainable practices. This can be accomplished through scheduled meetings, town hall meetings, woods tours, invitations to membership functions, inclusion on mailing lists, written or e-mail communications and participation in legislative hearings.