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Supports local, regional, and national efforts to resolve conflicts over forest management that will ultimately result in our forests, both public and private, kept in a forested condition, actively managed for products and jobs, and to protect the p


To the President of the United States, US Senate, US House of Representatives, Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of Agriculture:

We, the Oregon Logging Conference, respectfully represent and request action as follows:

Whereas, Oregon’s public and private timberlands share one thing in common and that is there is more bio-mass on site that can be supported long term, and

Whereas, a coordinated fire suppression effort begun in the early 1900’s has grown into one of the most effective systems in the world, and

Whereas, increasing development of rural lands has led to thousands of new homes in the rural interface creating a potential for wildfire disasters and great loss of human life, and

Whereas, using hogged fuel in co-generation facilities allows for a huge improvement in air quality over the alternative of burning slash in the woods, reduces carbon monoxide emissions into the atmosphere by 6 times and reduces PM 10 particulates in the atmosphere by 62 times, and

Whereas, thinning of overstocked timbered stands produces much needed commodities that are utilized by wood products manufacturers and ultimately results in wood and paper products demanded by the American consumer,

Be It Resolved by the Oregon Logging Conference:

That the members of the Oregon Logging Conference are in support of actions to restore Forest Health including but not limited to, mechanical thinning followed by prescribed burning.

That copies of this resolution be sent to the President , honorable members of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture, the Oregon and Washington Congressional delegations, and the governors of the states of Washington and Oregon