To the Oregon State Board of Forestry and All of the Citizens of Oregon:

We, the Oregon Logging Conference, respectfully represent and request action as follows:

Whereas, in the spirit of the Oregon Plan and in accordance with Governor Kitzhaber’s Executive Order No. EO 99-01, the Oregon Board of Forestry created a diverse committee of Oregonians, and

Whereas, the Forest Practices Advisory Committee (FPAC) met a total of 29 days with the meetings long, often difficult, and thought provoking, and

Whereas, the Committee, after lengthy deliberations, achieved consensus or strong agreement on 24 recommendations for improvements in the Oregon Forest Practices Act on the topics of Fish Passage, Forest Roads, Landslides, Riparian Functions, and Landscapes, and

Whereas, all of these recommendations will receive additional professional review and analysis by Regional Forest Practices Act Committees before final review and adoption by the Oregon Board of Forestry, and

Whereas, all of these recommendations must be consistent with ORS 527.714 (7) that requires:

  1. An estimate of the potential change in timber harvest as a result of the rule;
  2.  An estimate of the overall statewide economic impact, including a change in output, employment and income;
  3.  An estimate of the total economic impact on the forest products industry and common school and county forest trust land revenues, both regionally and statewide, and
  4. A summary of information derived from consultation with potentially affected landowners and timber owners and through an assessment of the economic impact of the proposed rule under a wide variety of circumstances, including varying ownership sizes and the geographic location and terrain of a diverse subset of potentially affected forestland parcels, and

Whereas, the members of the Oregon Logging Conference support improvements to the Oregon Forest Practices Act that comply with the above listed ORS 527.714 review process,

Be It Resolved by the Oregon Logging Conference:

That the Governor support the Oregon Forest Practices Advisory Committee’s recommendations to the Oregon Forest Practices Act.

That copies of this resolution be sent to the Honorable Governor Kitzhaber, the Oregon Board of Forestry, the Forest Practices Advisory Committee, and the Regional Forest Practices Act Committees and the appropriate Committee Chairman.